Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mainstream comanies labeling their gluten free items

This morning while I was grocery shopping, I really started taking note of some of the mainstream companies and how they label gluten free items. I specifically noticed General Mills and Progresso Soups. Easy labeling makes t very easy for someone else to buy something for me and know that it won't hurt me. When I shop, I use the "Is It Gluten Free?" app on my iPhone, which I love. But if someone else, like my mom, sees a good deal on Fruit Rill Ups or soup she knows I like, she picks up a couple for me.

It seems like gluten intolerance and Celiac are becoming more mainstream and larger food companies are starting to pay attention to those of us affected.

I just wanted to put a public thank you out here on the internet, to General Mills, Progresso and all the other "regular" food companies putting a small gluten free label on your gluten free foods. Its very much noticed and appreciated!!

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