Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Going to the doctor is frustrating sometimes. As I've mentioned before, I had gone to 2 different doctors last year and they weren't the least bit interested in helping me aside from telling me I had a "virus." Well I went to another doctor today just to check some dizziness I've been having with the gluten withdrawal and he basically wrote me off. I asked for some food allergy/intolerance testing and he flat out refused.

I'm so sick of the "big box" doctors writing off food allergies. And my research on celiac forums shows much of the same. So many people are having huge issues getting diagnosed and are being pumped full of all kinds of other drugs that the doctors are prescribing for conditions the patients don't really have.

Please don't misunderstand me...I love and appreciate doctors and have all the respect for them. Heck, chances are in my life I'll need them to save my life. But there seems to be some sort of huge disconnect between doctors and recognizing food sensitivities.

SO. I will be conducting my own elimination diet to figure out anything else I'm having issues with. I have a feeling it may be eggs, and perhaps dairy. We'll see. A friend recommended the Center for Health & Wellbeing in Hillcrest for food intolerance testing, but as they don't take my insurance, I'm going to have to wait a little bit before I can go.

Again, I'm not trying to diss doctors but more wishing they had a better understanding of food issues than they seem to. Seems good celiac doctors are hard to find!

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