Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My first thought: AHHHHH!!!!!

When I first really looked into what gluten free living was all about, I admit I freaked out a little bit. I live in San Diego, aka: delicious Mexican food capital of the US. I LOVE Mexican food, for reals. I could eat burritos for the rest of my life if I had to. When I realized I would no longer be able to just run to the Mexican food place down the street on a whim because I felt like it, I panicked. I couldn't go pick up a sub sandwich. I couldn't eat much at Sonic. Or any other number of greasy fast food places in and around my immediate work area. What was I going to do???

Fortunately, I regained my sense of composure and thought this through. If I couldn't eat at any of these places, maybe I could finally get over my weight loss hump I've been stuck in as well as generally stay away from all the awful food I was putting in my body. If I felt better too, well that was just a bonus.

Its almost been 2 weeks now and I'm doing okay. Tonight will be a test however: its my brother;s 20th birthday and what does he ask for for dinner? You got it. Mexican food. We'll see how I handle watching my entire family scarf down yummy burritos, rolled tacos and chimmichangas while I sit with my cheese, refried beans and corn tortillas. (Not a corn tortilla fan) that I brought from home. Wish me luck!

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